Alan Xu

Alan is a graphicmotion designer that creates elegance and distinction through simplicity.



BLK INK Collection 001

Pckaging, Identity

Type: Academic
Course: Package Design 1
Professor: Dan Hoy

BLK INK is a luxury stationery company that focuses on bold, modular, and subtle designs. The logo design of BLK INK is influenced by the eastern stamps that artists use in their calligraphy and watercolor works. 

In COLLECTION 01, BLK INK used the enso to convey tradition and aesthetics of eastern watercolor in a simple, bold, and effective way... and at the same time, the modular (down to the millimeter) design with sharp corners and clear grid system creates a package that perfectly pairs with any tables and shelves with sharp corners. Thus, BLK INK was able to incorporate tradition and modularity without compromising either end.